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Mail Delivery


The Mission of the Mercedes Independent School District (MISD) Mail Services is to support the district in its dedication to, "Achieving Excellence Today for a Successful Tomorrow," by ensuring the accurate and timely distribution of all district mail.
Mail Services manages the various mail services within the MISD including all US Mail, Inter-Departmental Mail, FedEx Shipping and UPS Shipping.

The daily mail route originates from the MISD Central Warehouse at approximately 8:00 am. Sorted US and Inter-departmental mail items from the previous business day depart the MISD Central Warehouse, to be delivered to all MISD Campuses and Department in the following order:
1. MISD Central Office
2. MISD Child Nutrition Services
3. Mercedes Early College Academy
4. MISD Technology Department
5. MISD Curriculum Center/ACE
6. Mercedes High School
7. Travis Elementary
8. MISD Early Literacy Program
9. Kennedy Elementary
10. Mercedes Post Office (Mail Pickup)
11. Taylor Elementary
12. Sgt. Harrell Middle School
13. Mercedes Alternative Academy
14. Sgt. Chacon Middle School
15. Hinojosa Elementary
16. MISD Central Warehouse
17. MISD Safe Schools Department
18. MISD Human Resources Department
19. MISD Central Office
​20. Mercedes Post Office (Mail Drop Off)
1. MISD Central Office
2. MISD Safe Schools Department
3. MISD Human Resources Department
4. MISD Child Nutrition Services
5. Mercedes Early College Academy
6. MISD Technology Department
7. MISD Curriculum Center/ACE
8. Mercedes High School
9. Travis Elementary
10. MISD Early Literacy Program
11. Kennedy Elementary
12. Mercedes Post Office (Mail Pickup)
13. Taylor Elementary
14. Sgt. Harrell Middle School
15. Mercedes Alternative Academy
16. Sgt. Chacon Middle School
17. Hinojosa Elementary
18. MISD Central Warehouse
19. MISD Central Office
​20. Mercedes Post Office (Mail Drop Off)
At each Campus/Department, incoming US and Inter-departmental mail items are delivered and all outgoing US and Inter-departmental mail items are picked up by approximately 10:00 am. All outgoing US mail items are sorted, prepared for delivery and delivered to the US Post Office by 12:00 pm daily. All Inter-departmental mail is sorted and will be delivered to each campus/department the next business morning.