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Mercedes I. S. D. addresses the needs of gifted students in grades K-12 in accordance with The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students and through a program approved by the Board of Trustees.
In Kindergarten, students are observed, nominated, and screened during the fall semester. Differentiation of curriculum will begin by March 1st within the regular classroom. The "cluster" of students in each classroom will have an opportunity to work independently, with other identified students, and with their peers.

Grades 1-6
Students meeting G.T. criteria will be served in an appropriate classroom at each grade level. The curriculum will emphasize higher level questioning and critical thinking skills.

Grades 7-12
The program at the secondary level concentrates on academic areas of English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Languages, and the Arts. Classes will be designated as Pre-Advancement Placement at all levels except those where the Advanced Placement exam is given.
The curriculum will be differentiated by addressing the goals of the College Board Advanced Placement Program.

The Pre-AP program is geared to prepare students with the skills required in AP courses. The Pre-AP program is offered in grades 7-10.

Advanced Placement
The Advanced Placement Program (AP) of the College Board enables students to complete college-level studies at Mercedes High School. The primary goals of the AP Program are to enrich the secondary school experience of students ready to apply themselves to college-level courses and to provide opportunities where colleges may grant credit, to students with satisfactory AP test scores.

Why AP?
Each AP course stands alone, and allows students to explore their area of interest. For example, a student who is strong in math may choose to take AP Calculus.

Students identified as G. T. are strongly encouraged to enroll in one AP class. Students who are ready to face the challenge of a college level curriculum may enroll in multiple AP courses.

The courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who have received advanced training through AP institutes, conferences and/or university course work.