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Safety First, Safety Matters
Rodolfo Canales, Jr. 
Safe Schools/Student Services Coordinator
Jennifer Ochoa
Secretary of Safe Schools
Safe and secure schools are a priority to the Mercedes I.S.D. Board of Trustees, Superintendent of Schools and all employees of the district.
Listed below are some of the measures and precautions Mercedes I.S.D. is implementing in order to ensure the safety of the students and employees of the district:
  • Strong Partnership with the Mercedes Police Department and Fire Department
  • Educational Resource Officer assigned to Mercedes ISD from the Mercedes Police Department to enforce all laws of the state of Texas on MISD campuses.
  • Staff Development concerning safety issues
  • Visitor badges and check in at main entrance to buildings
  • District Emergency Response Plan
  • Regular Campus Fire Drills
  • Regular Campus Lock Down Drills
  • Student Code of Conduct
Parents should become familiar with the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct for their child's school, paying particular attention to safety and security concerns.  Questions concerning school safety should be directed to the campus principal or the Safe Schools Director at 956-825-5075. 
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Title I Programs
Homeless Liaison - Ensure students in a homeless situation have the opportunity to enroll, attend, and transport to the school of choice succeed in school. Prepare and evaluate TEA grant for displaced students.
Other Assigned Duties- Life Skills Program (PEP) Coordinate parenting education for boys and girls in PEP Program, as well as provide day care, transportation, counseling, Career and Technology classes in a classroom and outside the classroom, home instruction, and community services for pregnant students. Prepare and evaluate Life Skills grant for TEA.
Chapter 37 Education Code- Monitor discipline documentation required by Chapter 37 of the Education Code.

Security- Coordinate with Campus Principals to monitor campus security issues.
Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities- Coordinate District wide events on safety, bullying, and drug education.
General Education Homebound (GEH) - Provide home instruction services for general student population in grades K-12 who are confined for a minimum of four consecutive weeks to a hospital or homebound for medical reasons.
Shelter Operations-Coordinate Shelter Operations with American Red Cross.
Emergency Response Plan- Maintain emergency response plan for each MISD campuses.