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Truancy Officers

Dr. Myra Garcia
Lead Truancy Officer
Central Office​
Mandy Garza
Truancy Officer
Florencio Hernandez
Truancy Officer
Middle School & Elementary
206 E. Sixth Street
Mercedes, TX 78570
956.825.5075 Phone
956.514.2174 Fax
What is truancy?
  • Not attending school for an excess of days without an excuse
  • Skipping Class
  • Coming in late
  • Leaving too early
Who can be charged?
  • 4 & 5 years old do not have to be in school, but will be dropped for poor attendance
  • The parents of students ages 6-16 years old and students ages 17-19 years old will be charged as adults
What gets you into court?​
  • 10 or more parts of days (leaving school early/tardies) in a four week period
  • 10 or more days in a six month period
What may happen in court?
  • If guilty, the parent may be warned, fined, or even incarcerated depending on the charge and history

Too many unexcused absences can lead to students losing credit, being required to attend summer school, or even retained because of attendance.