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Homebound Services

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Our Mission
The mission of Homebound Services is to help students adjust academically, mentally, physically and remain in school.
The goal is to see that students continue receiving instruction due to medical conditions or pregnancy thus enabling them to benefit from the educational program.
Homebound Services
General Education Homebound (GEH)
Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI)
What is Homebound Services?
 Homebound service is an instructional service provided by a certified teacher to students who are confined at home or hospital bedside because of medical reasons.
Who Qualifies for these Services?
There are 2 kinds of students who qualify for Homebound Services
1.  A student with a medical reason expected to be confined at home or hospital for a minimum of 4 weeks.
 2.  A student who is pregnant and attending classes on a district campus.  The student receives homebound services during prenatal and postpartum periods.
"Medical reason has to be documented by a licensed physician practicing in the United States."
Pregnancy Related Services
​Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) are support services the pregnant student receives to help her adjust and stay in school during the pregnancy and postpartum periods.  These services include instructional services delivered to the student.
Student Qualifies for Services
When the student is attending classes on her regular campus
When the pregnancy prevents the student from attending school, and
During the postpartum period.
Quick Facts
Student Support
GRADES: Kindergarten through 12th grade
During the School Year
One-on-One by certified teacher
WHERE: at student's home or hospital bedside.