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About Us
Below you'll find our Mercedes Special Education Cooperative (MSEC) Overview Brochure. The MSEC Overview Brochure was developed in an effort for Mercedes Special Education Cooperative to be more transparent.
The Overview illustrates the operational aspect of how the department is funded and the different services that are provided for our students and parents.

We hope that after reviewing the MSEC Overview Brochure you'll have a better understanding of the purpose of the Mercedes Special Education Cooperative and the services we provide.


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Support Staff
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Gloria F. Garza Director  of Special Education ggarza@misdtx.net

Office Staff

Liz Montoya Sp. Ed. Secretary lmontoya@misdtx.net
Doralia Tamayo SEMS Clerk doralia.tamayo@misdtx.net
Elvira (Mimi) Noriega SERS Clerk mnoriega@misdtx.net
Maxine Gonzales Assessment Clerk mgonzales@misdtx.net
Ruby Mejia-Finner Sp. Ed. Clerk ruby.mejia@misdtx.net

Assessment/Speech Staff

Daisy Bearden Educational Diagnostician   daisy.bearden@misdtx.net
Melinda Salinas   Educational Diagnostician   melinda.salinas@misdtx.net
Mary Jane Kellogg Educational Diagnostician mary.kellogg@misdtx.net
Michelle Pineda-Anzaldua  Speech Pathologist C.C.C.  anita.pinedaanzaldua@misdtx.net
Sylvia Gonzalez   Speech Pathologist C.C.C. sylvia.gonzales@misdtx.net
Rose Garza Speech Pathologist C.C.C.  rosemarie.garza@misdtx.net
Melissa Cisneros Speech Pathologist Asst. melissa.cisneros@misdtx.net

Instructional Staff

Nellie Garza   Lead Teacher/VI Teacher  nellie.garza@misdtx.net
Lee Garza Adapted P.E. Teacher  lee.garza@misdtx.net
Gilda Cordova Homebound Teacher gilda.cordova@misdtx.net
Debbie Cano Homebound Teacher deborah.cano@misdtx.net

Instructional Assistants

Esmeralda Perez Inst. Aide for Lead/VI Teacher esmer.perez@misdtx.net
Aurelio Medrano Adapted P.E. Assistant aurelio.medrano@misdtx.net

Related Services

Christopher Brush Phys. Therapist Assistant christopher.brush@misdtx.net
Viviana Garza Student Support Services Spec. viviana.garza@misdtx.net

Edith Trevino Cert.  Occup. Therapy Assistant edith.trevino@misdtx.net
Melissa White Sp. Ed. Counselor mwhite@misdtx.net


Yolanda Hernandez Diagnostician  
Sandra de la Tejera Physical Therapist, Licensed