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Transition Program Services

Mercedes Transition Academy - 18+ Program
Mr. Orlando Trevino, MTA Lead Transition Instructor
Mr. Ricardo Hinojosa, MHS Principal
Campus Based Work Instruction Class @ Mercedes High School, 1200 S. Florida, Mercedes, TX 78570
Community Based Work Instruction [email protected] 600 S. Ohio, Mercedes TX 78570
Students at MHS with significant cognitive disabilities receiving special education services and who have completed all the credit and testing requirements for graduation, but have not received their diploma, have until age 21 to exit high school.  They may exit by completing all the components of their IEP and/or because they age out. 
The goal of the Mercedes Transition Academy (MTA) is for students 18+ years old  to gain employability skills, post secondary education, and/ or independent living skills through hands-on learning opportunities with significant supports and access to campus and community resources.  
The 18+ specialized program  no longer focuses on academic requirements, but on skills necessary for transition to everyday living after secondary school services end.
The program incorporates work based learning opportunities in a variety of settings to assist the student in learning  job skills related to the student's interests and abilities. The student must be eligible to participate in the MTA program, and must be enrolled at Mercedes High School.