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                                 Rolando Handy
                           Director of Technology
838 S. Ohio
Mercedes, TX 78570
956.514.2004 Phone
Student Focused, Data Driven, Results Oriented, Effective & Efficient
Mission Statement
We want our students to be engaged in a challenging well balanced curriculum that is focused on inquiry based, hands-on learning. For them to feel comfortable using technology and to be empowered to be life long learners and be prepared for our global community. Our teachers will be using technology to support the learning experience and using the skills acquired through professional development to address students' specific needs, developmental levels and learning styles with technology. Administrators will be using technology to make informed plans, enhancing the decision making process using technology tools and relevant data. And to provide a school environment where all students and staff have access to technology solutions which will enhance learning experiences.
Our Four Core Goals Are
1. Provide technology based solutions which support the instructional needs of teachers and the learning needs of students.
2. Provide technology based professionals development for staff to further the effective use of technology.
3. Provide technology based solutions which support the effective and efficient administrative staff.
4. Establish and maintain a robust technology infrastructure that promotes communication and learning for students, staff and the community.