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Multi-Tier System of Support: MTSS (RtI)

What is MTSS?
MTSS is an instructional framework that includes universal screening of all students, multiple tiers of instruction and support services, and an integrated data collection and assessment system to inform decisions at each tier of instruction. As defined by TEA, "MTSS is a term that encompasses supports for the whole child, and takes into account academics, behavior, and social/emotional supports. Rtl is a term that one may continue to hear to describe academic supports under the larger umbrella of MTSS- or one may hear the term academic MTSS."
MTSS encompasses supports for the whole child and takes into account academics, behavior, and social/ emotional supports.
  • MTSS is the term that is being used more and more nationwide.
  • Rtl and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports {PSIS) are examples of tiered systems under the MTSS umbrella.
  • Intervention Best Practices Statewide leadership Network will develop guidance, including professional development modules, about MTSS.
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Campus Contact Person: MTSS/RtI Coordinators

Mrs. Rosie Bustamante, Ruben Hinojosa Elem.
Mrs. Elva Rivera, John F. Kennedy Elem.
Mrs. Esmeralda Flores, Zachary Taylor Elem.
Mr. Miguel Chacon,  W. B. Travis Elem
Mr. Jason Acosta , Sgt. Chacon Middle School
Mr. Santos Pena, Sgt. Harrell Middle School
Mrs. Beatriz Perez,  Mercedes High School 
Mrs. Gina Hernandez , Mercedes Early College Academy
Mr. Ismael Garcia , Mercedes Academic Academy
The Texas Legislature signed into law Senate Bill 1153. This law addresses education and supports for struggling learners. The following is summary of SB1153.
Each school year, each school district shall notify a parent of each child, other a child enrolled in a special education program, who receives assistance from the district for learning difficulties, including through the use of intervention strategies.  "Intervention Strategies" means a strategy in a multi-tiered system of supports that is above the level of intervention generally used in that system with all children. (Sec. 26.004(a) & Sec. 26.0081(d) ) The notice must:
    • Be provided when the child begins to receive the assistance for that school year;
    • Be written in English or, to the extent practicable, the parent's native language; and
    • Include:
      • A reasonable description of the assistance that may be provided to the child, including any intervention strategies that may be used;
      • Information collected regarding any intervention in the base tier of a multi-tiered system of supports that has previously been used with the child;
      • An estimate of the duration for which the assistance, including through the use of intervention     strategies, will be provided;
      • The estimated time frames within which a report on the child's progress with the assistance, including any intervention strategies used, will be provided to the parent; and
      • A copy of the explanation provided under Subsection (c).